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Unfortunately Lien Sales are a necessary part of the storage business.  Every effort is made to contact our tenants that are in foreclosure and get the rent that is owed paid up to date.

At White House Mini Storage we follow strict guidelines when a unit is in foreclosure. 
Our auction policies are as follows:

  • After 90 days in default the facility owner/manager and one witness removes the lock on the default
    unit and takes several photographs of the contents as proof of inventory. We do not go through the
    unit or remove any items from the unit.
  • A lock is then put on the unit until the day of the lien sale.         
  • At 10:00 AM on the day of the sale, the unit is opened for viewing.  No one is allowed to enter the unit
    or search through any items or containers.  The entire contents of the unit is sold as one item.
    Payment in the form of cash or a bank card is due at the close of the sale.  NO CHECKS EVER!!
  • The buyer will be given a code number to access the security gate and will have 48 hours to completely
    clean out the unit.  If more than 48 hours is needed then the buyer must make arrangements with the
    manager to rent the unit for 1 month at the current rental rate plus a $19 deposit.
  • Occasionally, personal items such as photographs, documents and records are found.  Bidders may
    leave these items inside the unit and we will make every effort to return these to the tenant. 
    We do not give out the names of Bidders/Buyers to anyone.  ALL SALES ARE AS IS AND FINAL.
  • Policy and rules may be updated on the day of the auction.